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Adults & Teens

•Adults: Counseling is a collaborative effort between the client and counselor. It can help reduce depression. anxiety, and overcome past trauma. Our counselors teach ways to form healthy relationships and habits, while overcoming the barriers that get in your way.  

•Teens: Counseling is very beneficial for teens to help better express their feelings and learn tools to solve problems. Counseling strengthens these skills through self-awareness, communication and regulating their emotions. 

Children & Families

•Children: Counseling focuses on the development of a child in regards to emotional, social, behavioral and cognitive aspects. Therapy can help them express their feelings, as well as help shape their future mental health, which is important for assuming adult roles in society. 

•Families: Counseling focuses on family dynamics, interactions and patterns. Our counselors help families improve communication skills, provide strategies for handling conflict, and strengthen and improve relationships. 

How We Help

From Above


Our counselors provide insight and an objective outside perspective, to help resolve, strengthen and enrich couples' relationships. Therapy will focus on relationships, however, it can correlate with how you relate to other people, such as friends and coworkers. 


Therapy in a group setting can be very beneficial as it can provide support and accountability. Experiencing similar issues as others, and hearing about them, can bring a sense of relief to know you are not alone. 

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