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Supervision: Training the next generation  

Here at Juniper Mountain Counseling we strongly believe in training clinicians to provide healing for our community.     To that end, we have become a well-respected home for students and Counselor Associates working toward licensure. 

Students & Counselor Associates

Since 2008, we've employed and supervised over 40 Professional Counselor Associates gaining hours toward licensure,

and hosted well over 50 students gathering hours of experience toward graduation. Our program is carefully, and quite intentionally, viewed as a  training center for developing counselors and we expect our supervisors and support staff to adhere to an open door policy, ensuring ample open office hours to support you throughout the work week, in addition to your formally scheduled supervision time. 

One of the values we hold dear is fostering excellent clinicians - in the room with clients, in the  office with your team,

and out of the building in our community. Our culture is highly collaborative and our supervisors mindfully help you craft a case load that challenges you and hones your skills, allowing you to develop according to your unique style and evolving capacity. 



We've worked very hard over the years to intentionally and carefully craft our supervision program.

Since 2009 we've established a strong relationship with our local graduate programs and the word has gotten out!

Not only have we hosted students from Oregon State University - Cascades Campus each year,

but our growing list of university affiliations now includes:

Wake Forest University             Western Seminary           Pacifica University        Naropa University         

Liberty University              Adams State University                  Adler University                  University of Western States

Is your College or University interested in partnering with us?



First approved in 2015, we are proud to have earned and maintained a Certificate of Approval from the Oregon Health Authority.

With this certificate comes a commitment to a valuable standard of care and professionalism. We hold our team to the highest level of accountability with regard to state laws and rules guiding licensed professional counselors and therapists. To maintain this COA, we are audited for compliance by Pacific Source each year, and by the Oregon Health Authority every three years.

We continue to be in good standing with the Oregon Health Authority, and just completed another successful audit in November of 2022.

Our Supervisors

To assist you we have 5 supervisors on staff, all of whom are OBLPCT approved clinical supervisors or candidates, which exceeds the standard expected  for supervision. 3 of our 5 supervisors have been, or currently are, either adjunct instructors or core faculty for Master of Counseling programs in Oregon.  In addition to their formally scheduled supervision time, our student interns can expect our supervisors and support staff to adhere to an open door policy, ensuring their is readily available support throughout the week whenever needed.

Community Engagement

Finally, we are engaged in multiple community partnerships and grant-funded programs. We are members of the Central Oregon Behavioral Health Consortium and serve on their training committee. We partner with Volunteers in Medicine to provide Spanish-language counseling services to patients with diabetes. Additionally, we have two of our own grant-funded projects in the works, a Child and Family based project called Healing Families, and a Spanish language services project called BIENVENIDOS. We welcome diverse clinicians with eclectic personal and clinical backgrounds, as we believe this allows us to better serve the diverse needs of our community.


If you're looking for an excellent internship site or job opportunity, click below.


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