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Fees and Insurance

Calm Lake

How we reduce barriers to treatment


Sessions are generally scheduled for 50-80 minutes (generally couples) depending upon the nature of the presenting problem.


  • 37 to 52 minute sessions are $180

  • Over 53 minute sessions are $225

  • Mental Health Assessments are $250


Family therapy and Group therapy fees vary depending on the number of participants and length of sessions. All clients will be made clearly aware of the financial obligations pertaining to their therapy through consultation with the counselor prior to the start of their initial session.

In the event that a reduced fee may be necessary to consider, please feel free to discuss this with your counselor. If a mutually acceptable agreement can be reached, accommodations will be made to ensure you can continue in therapy. Do not ever let your inability to afford therapy, be a determining factor in whether you should continue.

*** All fees are due at the time of the session. ***



At this time, we have been approved with:

  • OHP (Oregon Health Plan) through PacificSource Community Solutions

  • Open Card (aka: Title XIX / DMAP)

  • PacificSource Health Plan

  • Aetna

  • Providence Behavioral Health

  • MODA

  • First Choice

  • Optum Network: United Health, UMR, GEHA


In many cases, if we are unable to bill your insurance, we can often work out an ‘out of pocket’ fee that is affordable to you.

JMtC Logo 450x450.png
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