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1569 SW Nancy Way
Bend, OR  97702
Tel: 541-617-0377
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Supporting and Assisting Your Growth and Healing for a Fuller Life

Please be aware: In accordance with state protocol and increased COVID cases, masks are required for all upon entry. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to keep our community safe.

What's in a name?


Many people wonder how we arrived upon the name “Juniper Mountain Counseling.” Ironically, despite living in the high desert, which inevitably surrounds us with both juniper trees and mountains, there is no “Juniper Mountain” in this region. This allowed us to create something, which was both unique yet, very appropriate for Central Oregon. We believe this says something valuable about the inspiration we draw from our environment and the desire we have to serve our community.

The juniper is a tree that survives, adapts and thrives despite a lack of water and the harsh environment in which it lives. It is often unappreciated and discarded as worthless despite it’s incredible tenacity. Further, the juniper has long been associated with both spiritual and healing purposes. We believe the juniper symbolizes our clients and the desire we have for their healing. It is our hope that each person who comes to be served by our counselors emerges with the abilities to adapt and thrive despite the circumstances in which they live. We believe that is possible.

To us, a mountain symbolizes the journey and challenges, which often lie ahead in our lives. Yet, there is a curious pull, a yearning to go on. A mountain offers great variety and mystery in its terrain, vegetation and the creatures that inhabit it. For each of us, life is an unknown journey toward a greater summit, involving both twists and turns of exploration. Yet, once we commit ourselves to all that climb entails, we can celebrate the new, unobstructed and wider perspective we see from the top.

Our mission at Juniper Mountain Counseling is to support each person’s journey, thus assisting him/ her to gain a clearer perspective and embrace the mystery and gift of their individual life.




During these stressful times, Juniper Mountain Counseling continues to offer services for both new and existing clients. Currently, the bulk of our appointments are conducted via Telehealth, enabling you to remain in the comfort and safety of your home. However, if you prefer, we can provide 'in person' sessions with strict protocols for your protection. Our office staff is available to answer any questions.

Please take care. Be Well. We care about you!

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact:


Jim Mockaitis, LPC (Director)

Juniper Mountain Counseling

(541) 617-0377