Mental Health Partners

Juniper Mountain Counseling partners with Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center to provide mental health services that include horses and the farm environment. 

Including horses in mental health counseling, psychotherapy, or social work is emerging as an effective experiential treatment technique that gets clients “outside of four walls” and supports the connection between clients, horses, and the natural world. 

Horses are ideal partners in mental health as they are relational animals by nature, and highly communicative. Through interactions with horses and the farm environment clients have abundant opportunities to increase self-awareness and self-insight, and build new skills. 

Several of our counselors have been specially trained to use equine-assisted mental health and farm-based activities as therapeutic techniques to address a wide range of goals and client needs. Clients who can benefit from this type of counseling include adults, teens, children, and families.

Assertiveness, self-confidence, emotional awareness, communication and social skills, empathy, stress tolerance, flexibility, impulse control, problem-solving skills and independence are but a few of the outcomes that can be realized by participating in these services.